Self Employed Therapists Required

Bury St Edmunds, United Kingdom

NAFS Health provides Assessment, Diagnosis and Psychological treatments of individuals with emotional and mental health problems. We deliver the highest quality in all the services we provide. NAFS Health is looking for an enthusiastic and dynamic customer service administrator to join our team. As a Therapist you will be working in a multidisciplinary team to provide therapy and counselling to patients. You are expected to perform others work as part of a team with Psychiatrists, psychotherapists, and clinical service manager to treat psychological difficulties or illnesses and promote overall wellness. Your duties and responsibilities vary depending on their work setting, but can include:

1. Interviewing, assessing, observing and surveying people to assess their emotional states.

2. Conducting intake assessments and follow-up therapy sessions to better understand behaviour, problems and provide psychological therapy.

3. Conducting psychological and cognitive assessments of patients to identify patterns that will provide more insights and understanding of their behaviours.

4. Helping clients set realistic mental and behavioural health goals and tracking their progress.

5. Discussing treatment and control measures with clients.

6. Developing treatment programmes or using psychotherapeutic methods such as cognitive behavioural therapy to improve clients’ psychological health.

7. Supervising other psychological health professionals such as Clinicians and Counsellors, when needed.

You will need proved therapy experience and relevant and accredited psychological and psychotherapeutic training and qualifications.

·Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience in psychotherapy or counselling (Essential)

· Certificate of Higher Education in Psychology or counselling (Essential)

· Master’s degree in clinical psychology or Psychotherapy (Essential)

· PhD in clinical Psychology (Preferable).

Hourly rate negotiable depending on experience.