Education & Training

NAFS Health aims to raise awareness about mental health and its associated issues.

Part of our mission is to provide high quality training, supervision and coaching to various professional groups, staff and members of the public.

With this aim in mind we established a virtual NAFS Academy to oversee the development of courses and training materials including these related to mandatory training within organisations or hospitals.

We collaborate with a panel of experts in the field of mental health and psychological wellbeing as well as in medicine and various other disciplines to develop high quality training materials and courses.

Our panel of experts in the field of mental health consists of:

  • Consultant adult psychiatrists
  • Child & adolescent psychiatrists
  • Clinical psychologists
  • Therapists and Counsellors

We also collaborate with experts in other disciplines of medicine, management and business as part of our advisory training panel.

NAFS Academy

Our partner NAFS Academy provides the following services:

  1. NAFS Academy organises workshops and conferences to support student development in working towards a professional occupation in mental health. It also offers courses and training to members of the public who strive to improve their awareness about mental illness and how to deal with it.
  2. NAFS Academy offers additional training to organizations or institutions about how to address and deal with mental health and psychological wellbeing related issues among its staff or students. These would include the Police, the Fire Service as well as corporate businesses and health workers.
  3. NAFS Academy serves to ensure the ongoing updating and modification of courses or training materials to suit different target groups. The Academy assures that the quality of courses or training materials provided are evidence-based and that they suitably address both the individual’s wellbeing and the services an organisation wishes to offer.
  4. NAFS Academy conducts research and collects feedbacks to address shortcomings of the services provided by NAFS Health as well as recommending necessary improvements.

Whether you’re supporting your employees or providing for your clients, or whether you’re a student or an individual who wants to learn more about mental health, we have a flexible solution that works for you.

Please contact us to find out the latest courses and training available through NAFS Academy.