Ascot Rehab Centre

NAFS partners with several organisations in the health sector in order to provide our clients with the best possible support across several fields.

Our partnership with Ascot Rehab Centre allows us to offer quick and easy access to specialised services that could be of benefit to some of our clients, depending on their needs. Ascot Rehab predominantly works in the field of neurorehabilitation following traumatic brain or spine injury.

The clinical neuropsychologists at Ascot Rehab will arrange a detailed assessment of cognitive functions for patients suffering brain or spine injury. The assessment includes memory, language, perception, planning, reasoning and attention, as well as behaviour and emotional well-being in patients with suspected or confirmed brain pathology.

Therapy will include teaching patients to use strategies to manage or overcome these issues and to help to reduce symptoms of anxiety, depression and distress throughout their recovery.

The clinical neuropsychology team at Ascot Rehabilitation is staffed by doctors of clinical neuropsychology and psychology assistants. They work closely with other members of the multi-disciplinary team, as well as patients and their families, to design a programme of rehabilitation goals which will address the patients’ overall aims.

Wimbledon NeuroCare

Our partnership with Wimbledon NeuroCare allows us to offer our clients easy access to the most up-to-date neurodiagnostic, hearing and balance tests and therapies, based within modern and comfortable surroundings in a variety of locations.

Wimbledon NeuroCare are known for their excellent standards of patient care, the expertise and approachability of their staff, working together with our highly trained consultants and the latest equipment.

Should the need arise you can be referred to one of their consultants in the fields of neuropsychology, neurophysiology and audiovestibular medicine.

New Malden Diagnostic Centre

New Malden Diagnostic Centre offers a full range of the latest diagnostic and imaging services such as MRI scans, ultrasound, x-ray and nerve conduction testing, alongside a wide choice of Specialist Consultant Outpatient Services.

Our partnership with the New Malden Diagnostic Centre means NAFS can provide our clients with quick and easy access to diagnosis and treatment of a variety of conditions that may be impacting on their mental and general health.


At Nafs Health, we specialize in providing effective residential and outpatient therapies for psychological trauma, stress, and breakdown. Our experienced team is dedicated to helping you or your loved ones find the path to lasting recovery.     

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