Privacy Policy & Terms

Our main consideration is to offer a service designed to help our clients/ patients to recover where possible a healthy state of mind, or where not possible to achieve a level of stability for long term Mental Health conditions.  All conversations, information received will be treated with the utmost confidentiality, and will be used for the purpose of achieving  treatment designed to be appropriate for the Clients/patients wellbeing. 

A) We shall ensure that all Processing is Fair and Transparent. 

That all documents held electronically will be processed through  an encrypted site but which is backed up daily, to allow for recovery easily and quickly. 

We also confirm that the Email site we shall be using is secured by SSL. 

We confirm  that all paper documents are kept in a locked cupboard or cabinet, when not in use. 

All electronic and paper files will allow for the access of patients or employee’s rights. If for any reason there are references to another natural person, their consent will also be required or censorship  administered on relevant  third party information.

Documentation and electronic records may also be erased  on request by the Data Subject.

That no information will be passed to a third country or third party without the permission of the data subject unless it is required by the establishment for legally permitted reasons, or for the public interest.  Or where the data subject is unable to give consent and it is in his/her interest.

b) All Clinicians and staff working in our company have signed a confidentiality agreement to respect the rights and freedoms of the Data Subject  and in so far as access to the personal information is required, only the team members involved in the treatment and/or administration of patients are entitled to be in possession of the data subjects personal information. As well as the Data subjects General Practitioner.

c) Consent for our clinicians and staff to hold such information both electronically and manually in paper form being given by the patient at their first appointment. The patient will also receive a document  outlining their Rights and freedoms. 

d) We ensure that personal information is only held for the period of the treatment plus a limited period , where it is felt a relapse may occur. Or for the interests of the client, or for the establishment or in the public interest.When the personal records of the patient / employee are no longer required.  The records will be either shredded or burnt in a controlled manner. All electronic records shall be deleted from the programmes .

e) Data subjects right of portability will be respected and should it be required electronically held information can be transferred from one controller to another. 

e) Where information is required to transfer to a third country / organisation. which does not conform to the European adequacy arrangements, we shall seek assurance and proof of adequate protections having been put in place, as the processing security provided by this third country and only with the consent of the data subject will information be transmitted. In the case of further transmission to another third country, we shall also require confirmation of adequate Data protection; or a contract extending the protection precautions and rights to the data subjects information will be implemented between us and the third country or organisation. 

f) Where a person younger than 16 is concerned , it will be necessary to obtain permission from the parent or legal guardian of the child for treatment to be provided.  Also the identity of the person purporting to be the legal guardian will be required to supply documentary proof to substantiate their roll as guardian and/or parent. , unless known to the clinician as the legal guardian. 

Children shall also be afforded the same rights and freedoms as an adult. 

Employees or sub-contracted clinician will all receive instruction in respect of confidentiality and the rights and freedoms of the data subject. Also the current rules in respect of Data protection.

The patient will be given the details of the Controller and/or his representative to contact in the event of having a complaint against the service.  Should the Controller and/or his representative be unable to  resolve such complaints or problems the patient or his representative will have the option to contact the Data Protection Supervisory Authority to make a formal complaint. 

All such contact details will be given upon request to the patient. 

Refund / Return Policy

Where we are unable to complete an appointment and the appointment is cancelled with no alternative appointment given ; any payment already made by the client/patient or their representative will be returned to the same Account as used in the original transaction in full. 

Any requests for a refund for any other purpose(s) will be the subject of discussion with the principals of Nafs Health, Consultancy & Training Ltd., and the client/patient and judged on an individual basis, in an effort to reach a suitable mutually acceptable solution.

However , if No mutual solution is found ,or it is felt that to resolve the issue on an equitable basis, it may be necessary to go to arbitration, the costs of which will be proportionate to the final decision made by the Arbitrator.